Backyard BodyShock!

Our most popular service for 2020, providing peace of mind for friends & family.  With closed bubbles of contact, private outdoor and semi-indoor spaces, and personal equipment owned by each participant, we are following the highest safety protocol with extreme precaution. We are still taking reservations through the winter for groups with semi-covered outdoor spaces.  Heaters are not required, but recommended!

Classes are by appointment only.  You must know your host's allotted DAY & TIME before registering.

3 - 5 Person Group: $100 Flat Rate

6 + Person Group: Day Pass $18 pp

10 Pack of Classes: $170 pp

Monthly Membership: $195 pp

Schedule a new class! 

Look through our trainer's availability for a time that works best for you & contact us at

Backyard BodyShock Friends
Backyard BodyShock Friends

Spouses and friends get together for a Sunday fun. BodyShock workout is the best way to begin the day!

Backyard BodyShock
Backyard BodyShock

visit to start your group. We have it figured out to help you stay fit during the covid-19 pandemic. Social distance workout with your friends that you trust!

Backyard BodyShock
Backyard BodyShock

It's raining out, snowing out and it's cold out we have figured it out! Smiles on our faces that we can still BodyShock in the garage.

Ali our new BodyShock Instructor
Ali our new BodyShock Instructor

We are happy to announce Ali is our new BodyShock instructor. Ali in BodyShock mode with these awesome ladies.

Backyard BodyShock
Backyard BodyShock

Backyard BodyShock continues to grow and most importantly, we feel safe exercising with our friends safely. Covid-19

Social Distances BodyShock
Social Distances BodyShock

So much fun at the Double Up Dance Studio. As it gets cold out we adjust to indoor safe workout. Studio, garage and the barn.



Speed Walking


Great workouts -

well balanced with cardio and weights.   Always challenging and worth it!  

Thank you

Warm Up on the Beach


Thank you for the Fabulous Class!!! Week 3 and I'm getting so much stronger and loving it.

Women in Fitness Clothes


 BodyShock is the perfect class because it wakes up the metabolism as well as the mind and the joy of movement!   Thank you for all you give to your students.