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Classes are by Appointment Only.  You must know your host's allotted DAY & TIME before registering.

New Participants: $16

10 Pack of Classes: $170

20 Pack of Classes: $325

1 Class: $18

*Minimum $100 to start a class.


Gerardo Lambert

25 years of PT, group classes, and BodyShock!

Alexandra Johnson

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Gerardo was diagnosed with an idiopathic cardiomyopathy in 2005.  It was concluded to be an unknown infection. He continued to train to the best of his ability, whether it was walking a few miles a day, or practicing short intervals of functional training.  “I watched so many others in my position give up on their careers, give up on all physical activities, and just sit themselves down in wheelchairs. Having heart disease is not as forgiving as propaganda makes it out to be. Without an exceptional support group, the right guidance, and moderate physical activity, cardiac patients can easily lose the will power to live!” Gerardo explains.
In 2009, Gerardo received a heart transplant.  After being bed-bound for three months in an induced coma, Gerardo had lost over 80lbs of muscle mass – nearly half his weight and needed to rebuild even the most common muscular functions from walking, to sitting upright in a chair.
It didn’t take Gerardo long to get back to work! Only six months after his transplant surgery, Gerardo was back in the gym spreading inspirational words to all his clients about the significance of taking care of this one body and life that we have.  This is how BODYSHOCK was created!

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Get your BodyShock at home.

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Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Stay home & BodyShock!


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BodyShock is a high intensity class utilizing free weights, plyometrics movements, and choreographed steps to optimize your fitness results. BodyShock is 25 minutes of intense cardio, 15 minutes of superset strength training workout and 10 minutes of cool down and stretch. It is a tough workout program but effective and will absolutely challenge your levels of fitness and endurance! Anyone can try it and I promise you will have so much fun.



Would you like to book Gerardo for a class, event, or speaking opportunity?  Just ask! 
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